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How To Claim Auto Insurance?

Did your car meet damage? Are you confused about how to claim car insurance after an accident? If yes, here you will get easy steps and suggestions to claim your car insurance.

A car accident is dangerous and harmful for you and your vehicle. You have to spend your hardworking money on your treatment and maintenance of the car. Sometimes, the cost of care can eat your savings. Auto insurance can save your savings big time. Let us see the essential documents required for claiming auto insurance

Documents Required For Claiming an Auto Insurance

You have to submit documents to claim car insurance to your insurance company. Insurance claim documents with other essential documents will help validate and accept insurance your claims by the insurance company. There are the following documents that you have to submit to claim your car insurance-

  • Documents of insurance policy
  • Copy of your driver license
  • Copy of registration certificate or RC
  • Copy of first information report or FIR filled in the police station

Steps To Claim Your Auto Insurance

You have to follow some steps to claim your auto insurance. You have to take your car to one of the garages of the insurer if you have cashless insurance. If you have a reimbursement claim, you can take your vehicle to any garage for repair. After that, you have to follow the following steps for your insurance claim-

  1. Inform Your Car Insurance Company

You have to inform your insurer about car accidents and damage. You can notify them by calling, visiting their website, app, or visiting the nearest branch of your insurance company. You have to inform them as soon as possible because insurance claims can lapse if you report a delay.

  1. FIR

You must file an FIR in the police station to claim your insurance. You have to file FIR about the car incident in the police station. Your FIR can be rejected in case of dents and scratches.

  1. Submit Proof And Documents

Now, you have to submit proof of car accident and documents written above. You have to submit all documents like a copy of the FIR, the insurance policy, and other necessary documents to avoid rejection of your claim.

  1. Surveyor

After submitting documents, you have to ask your insurance company to assign a surveyor to begin the inspection process. Surveyor will visit the garage where your car is repairing. He will inspect the detail and information provided by you.

  1. Compensation And Repairing

If everything goes well, the company will compensate for your car accident. If you have a cashless claim, then your insurance company will directly pay the garage for repairing your car.


The car insurance claim is not complex as expected; you have to follow simple steps to claim your car insurance.  We have given some suggestions in this article that can help you claim your auto insurance. However, measures for claim insurance are similar in every company, but you have to check it from official websites.


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